Salon Owners Summit 2016 Treats

We hope you had a fantastic day at the Salon Owners Summit 2016, learned lots and are ready & motivated to put everything into practice in your salon!


Facebook Masterclass

Become a Facebook Pro & deliver exceptional client experiences on social media.


Moments of Marketing Magic for your Salon's Clients

Create moments of magic and keep your clients coming back more often, spending more!

Creating Magical Client Experiences Using Phorest

Learn how to use the tools you already have in your salon to deliver world-class customer service!


Simon Lotinga's Latest Book + Webinar

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How To Stop Procrastinating & Start Growing Your Salon

Procrastination is a disease that silently kills salons! It costs salon owners thousands of Pounds/Euro's every year and stops them achieving their dreams and the sad thing is most salon owners think there's nothing they can do about it.

Well, they are wrong as this eye opening video and workbook will show you. Watch, read and discover how to increase your chances of beating procrastination from 5% to 95%!

How To Stop Procrastinating And Start Growing Your Salon

Exclusive Spotify Playlist

Make your clients feel relaxed and amazing while they are in your salon!