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Apply to Speak at the Salon Owners Summit

Think you have a great topic for the next Salon Owners Summit that our audience of highly-engaged salon owners would be interested in?

It’s worth noting that we have both workshops as well as keynotes available so speaking times may vary depending on the topic, availability and speaker. These details will be discussed with each individual speaker

We'd love to hear from you! Leave your details below and we'll review your application.

Who can apply?

We look for a diverse range of speakers. We like to hear from salon owners, business owners, coaches and experts from within the salon industry, as well as inspirational and motivational speakers from outside the industry who have something to share with our audience to help them overcome the obstacles they face and to think outside the box to grow their businesses and teams.

Your expertise could be in anything from building a business and motivating teams, to mindfulness, leadership or anything in between. You must have demonstrable experience in presenting your ideas clearly, with actionable insights for our audience.

What should I include in my application?

Please include:

  • Some background information on yourself and your area of expertise
  • Ideas for topic(s) you would like to pitch
  • Any links to audio/video of your previous speaking engagements
What topic(s) can I cover?

As mentioned under 'Who can apply' we like to feature talks on a fairly diverse range of topics, but it must add value for salon owners.

Our talks and workshops usually last twenty minutes, which means you need to have a very tight and specific idea of what you'd like to cover. If in doubt the narrower the topic the better. You can then be detailed in that small area rather than too general. While we welcome inspirational or motivational topics, there should be practical and actionable takeaways for the audience.

Who attends the event?

Each year the Salon Owners Summit is attended by salons all over the world - mainly from Ireland, the UK, the US and Canada, but we also get attendees from Australia and across Europe. The salon owners who attend the event have a common goal - they are highly driven to grow their businesses and build high-performing salon teams.

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